Pixel Craze / 像素匹配

Classic match-3 type game, your best time-killing choice.

- No life limit, play as much as you want.
- Simple and fresh art style.
- More game themes to match your mood.
- Unlock more matching objects, keep game experience fresh.
- Complete level to get pixel art reward, have your own gallery.
- No pop-up ads forcing you to watch, but you can choose to watch an ad and get rewards, it’s your choice.
- Lots of boosts and powers to help you.

Pixel Craze is just an easy and fun game to play, hope you enjoy it!



- 没有生命限制,想玩多久玩多久。
- 简约的画面风格和系统设定,没有多余的繁复装饰,就是要简单,好玩。
- 多种颜色主题,根据自己的心情换换换。
- 可解锁更多匹配物体主题,随时保持新鲜感。
- 完成关卡来获得精心绘制的像素图案。拥有你自己的像素画廊。
- 游戏内广告不会强制播放,你可以主动选择观看并获取奖励。
- 多种能力和道具帮你挑战。


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